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BOEN Polish for Live Pure Floor
BOEN Polish for Live Pure Floor

BOEN Polish for Live Pure Floor

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Available in 1 litre bottles.

BOEN Polish Live Pure was especially developed for the regular polishing of Live Pure finished hardwood floors. It refreshes old and matt paint, protects it and gives it a silky matt shine and dirt-repellent surface.

Before application, your floor should be clean and free of dirt. Do not dilute. Shake well before use.  Apply a thin, even layer of BOEN Polish Live Pure with a sponge or cloth. Apply in the direction of the wood grain and leave it to dry. Ensure good ventilation during application.

How often should you use this product?

►    For floors subject to low stress, e.g. in bedrooms and living rooms: approx. once a year

►    For floors subject to medium stress, e.g. in corridors or offices with heavier traffic: approx. twice a year depending on frequency of use.


BOEN Polish Live Pure 是專門設計予 Live Pure 漆面木地板的定期保養劑。這產品可將暗啞的地板回復潤澤狀態,並形成一層抗污保護膜,加強保護。

使用前地面應保持乾爽無塵。無需稀釋,使用前搖勻便可。使用海綿或乾布,順著木地板的紋理抹擦,平均薄抹上一層 BOEN Polish Live Pure,待乾便可。使用時,確保室內空氣流通。


►    一般非頻密使用的地板,例如:睡房或客廳,大約一年一次。

►    至於較頻密使用的地板,例如:走廊或辦公室這類多人走動的地方,可以按需要增加至一年兩次。